Land of a Thousand Hills

the coffee your church should be using

the coffee your church should be using

My sister works for a company called Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee – you should be drinking their coffee. Seriously. There’s about a 70% chance you are part of a church that drinks heavy doses of coffee on Sunday mornings, during small groups, Bible studies, women’s meetings, men’s meetings, high school student gatherings, and about a billion other things – why not buy incredibly delicious coffee for basically the same exact price as your paying right now, and have that coffee be helping less fortunate? Seriously, make the switch. Immediately.

My sister’s email: – tell her I said hi

Much love


James 1:22


One response to “Land of a Thousand Hills

  1. Love it! And Amen on the good coffee part… and double Amen on everything else.

    There is also about an 80% chance that the coffee your church is serving exploits people. Whoa… let’s learn where our coffee comes from, and care enough to stop supporting unfair practices.

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