Things I’d love help with

1) I’ve had this idea in my head and heart for about 6 years where I’d open a coffee shop/student center. It’d be an actual for-real coffee shop (serving Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, of course) with a great staff and delicious coffee and free Internet and makes the community around it better (like Ebenezers in DC). I’d meet my students there, have open mic nights (not just Christians either), do studies, hang art, have an internet bar, offer tutoring, and about a billion other little things. I’d like to find a facility large enough that I could put a student gathering space (you know, big enough for a service) and fun and games and a prayer room. It’s all mapped out. Who’s in?

2) Parental discipleship curriculum. Long time dream of mine.

3) Better usage of FB and Twitter to reach these VB friends of mine.

much love


James 1:22


2 responses to “Things I’d love help with

  1. Love idea #1 and #2. Similar things that have been on my heart for a long time.

  2. Wayne, you are a visioneer. I do wish you were still in GA, but am satisfied that God took you to the heathen north. 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to do some type of parental discipleship/training/seminar-ing or something too. Let me know what you come up with. My old prof wrote a book called “disturbing trends” that I plan to use possibly this fall in helping educate them about their students.

    Also, FB ads are relatively cheap and I’ve thought about them as well. Twitter isn’t quite a ‘student’ connection yet, but I embeded an html feed into our student site and use it as a simple announcement update type thing.

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