More goodies

Mark Batterson quick but great thoughts on the Holy Spirit

Piper on Twitter (and a link to his feed!)

Great stuff from Church Crunch: here, here, and here

Good book reviews from Brez

My new friend Ben on moving to Va Beach

I don’t check in with iMonk very often, but this was a fascinating one about a dude walking away from religion

Mandy gets it right again: review of Terminator and Up

Kary Oberbrunner always has good things to say; this one is fun and wierd

Pat’s always got good things to say

This was a good reminder from Perry

Just started following Ragamuffin Soul, and this post makes it worth it

Seth is my favorite nerd: toughie (but probably true), an interesting one about the ‘next’ Google and one I think I love but don’t fully understand

Freaking hilarious from Stuff Christians Like

I like Tony Morgan’s stuff. We’d probably be friends in real life too.

much love


James 1:22


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