15 The way of a fool seems right to him,
but a wise man listens to advice.

-Proverbs 25:15

I have trouble taking advice. I’m working on it, trying to meditate and memorize Scripture that points to God’s desire for me to seek wise counsel. And I’ve been blessed with several incredible people in my life who are, most assuredly, wise counsel of the highest sort. One of them is my friend, mentor and pastor, Randy Singer.

Randy is one of the most remarkable people you could ever want to meet, equal parts comedian and scholar. He’s a lawyer by training, is a very accomplished and awesome author (new book out July 1st!), one of my favorite preachers ever, and an all around good guy.

Recently I had lunch with Randy to catch up (the poor guy is stuck with me a ton, but still makes time to shepherd and sharpen me) last week, and one of the topics we discussed was my sermon that I recently preached at Trinity. He was so encouraging and gave me very God-centered pats on the back – AND he gave me advice. And here’s the crazy thing: I loved it! (I wish I had written it all down in detail to post, but see below for his preaching advice).

Why did I love it? Because I trust Randy. Because I know he genuinely has my best interests in mind. Because I know he deeply loves Jesus and wants to see Him lifted up as clearly and passioanately as possible, knows that I want the same thing, and is willing to invest in me to help me do that even better.

So who gives you advice? Do you take it? I encourage you to do so, for reals.

much love

James 1:22


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