I left off the advice that Randy gave me last week.

We were talking about my sermon a couple weeks back (I’ll post it when it’s available) and this is what he said (condensed version):

Positives: passion and conviction shows through; kids AND parents were engaged; Scripture was rightly divided; listened to advice BEFORE message

Things to work on: 1) don’t qualify thing so much – stand on the authority of Scripture and cut out the ‘I say this not to sound mean, but…’ or, and this is a great example directly from Randy, “which sounds better: ‘based on the evidence that I propose, taking into account the validity of my client’s testimony and knowing what we know about our opponent’s character, it is clear that Jane has had issues with rage’ OR ‘Jane has rage issues'”? Randy’s point: with the authority of Scripture STOP qualifying everything and just say the Truth; 2) story telling: make it compelling and don’t just give the facts – include the facts (and DON’T embellish for dramas sake) but make the people care about the people in the story more than the facts

I condensed those into two big chunks, hopefully easy enough so you can tell what the point is. Randy’s awesome, start following him on Twitter (@randydsinger)

Much love


James 1:22


One response to “Ooops..

  1. Good stuff. That Randy is one smart dude.

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