blogging hiatus

I’ve been gone and crazy all summer, so my blogging consistency – which was never very impressive – has gone away all together.. Two more weeks and I’ll be back on track! Some random thoughts for the road:

– I talk a good game abt remaining in Jesus, but to do the schedule I’ve done this summer, I see more than ever the desperate necessity of John 15
– The Brothers Bloom is probably the best movie of the summer
– One of my best friends is moving away to college in a couple weeks, and I’m pretty torn up about..I’ll miss you Michael
– I miss my family..God knows this and has blessed me with the Coates who have embraced me as family well above anything I could have prayed for
– I can’t even tell you how incredible my students are – I love all you crazybeautifulawesome people!
– We’re moving into a high-school only room in a couple weeks and I am beyond excited – but I can’t land on a name..suggestions?
– You should really read Randy Singer’s newest book The Justice Game

James 1:22


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