What I learned in church on Sunday

I love my church.

Randy just wrapped up a short series on (gasp!) money and tithing and even Hell. He’s very brave.

Text: 1 Chronicles 29:14, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15, and Matthew 23:23-24 (there were several others but these were primary).

Randy focused on how the Gospel needs to be the center of all we do, finances included. I’ve heard the ‘I can tell who you follow by your checkbook’ schtick before, but this was certainly not that. This was more an encouragement to let how you spend your money be an act of worship, starting with rejoicing in giving your firstfruits. (Side note: when Randy said ‘we’re doing great financially, this is NOT to get you to give more to Trinity’, he really means it.)

I was particularly challenged by the lessons from the Pharisees and how they strain gnats and swallow camels in looking for some false piety. I do that…often. I am quick to point out my good deeds, down to the letter, and am just as quick to ignore God’s call for justice and mercy…

Randy also dove into the idea of Hell (he delivered the full length version on lighthousevb.com and HIGHLY recommend you listen to it sometime) and how we choose to ignore speaking about Hell can be just as faulty as our regular skirting of talking about money. Both reflect a willingness to talk about the hard Truths of Scripture, but even more that we are downplaying the justice and mercy of God; I know I, for one, am guilty of talking about the love side of God, but ignoring the fact that punishment and condemnation COME FROM the love side of God.

Some ways I need to make sure that I live life with the Gospel as the center: finances… sharing the whole counsel of God, even the parts that make me feel a bit uncomfortable talking about… one that will always come up: laziness and time management (I know I didn’t talk about that at all – because Randy didn’t talk about it at all – but I gotta do better on those, so..).

I don’t think anyone has me on their blogroll, but if you do, don’t get to excited about my blogging regularity. We’ll just take it as it comes.

Much love



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