Some friends who are great and some of their posts AND some folks I follow that aren’t my friends but I pretend that they are.

Stuff Christians Like is my favorite blog. I kind of wish Desiring God was, but really, its SCL… Here’s Jon’s post today and here’s one from a few posts ago that is brilliant.

Mandy wins at posting movie reviews. A billion times better than Rotten Tomotatoes.

Ben Arment is a friend and really awesome and has loads of great things to say and links to other people who have loads of great things to say. Here’s one of his run downs.

I know Donald Miller isn’t my friend (yet) and that there are ultimately better writers in the world (maybe two alive right now), but he’s great. Super great. Here’s a fun one.

Brez is my music hero.

Haiti still needs us to show Jesus. Here’s one really great way.

much love



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