Top 11’s of the week or so

Top = things on my brain, heart, mind; top does not necessarily equal awesome things. It might be rants and opinions on things I despise. It may be about some really great thing I read that I don’t understand but think sounds neat. It’s a mystery! Readysetgo:

1. No one should ever listen to Ke$ha – ever. It is destroying you and music. Neither of those outcomes are good.

2. Tim Tebow’s add was so awesome. Simple and sweet and wonderful. I’m glad my mom fled the abortion clinic with me in her tummy – I think it’s great to celebrate the story, which is all the ad was aiming for.

3. Immediately stop listening to Ke$ha. You die a little each time you hear her. And PLEASE don’t spend money on her music (also, even though I don’t like her, I never condone stealing music, so just don’t listen to her and you’re set).

4. Barack Obama is NOT as great as some folks think – and, he is certainly NOT as terrible as the rest of my friends think. We were never intended to have a president; we were built to have a King, One who would rule and govern our lives wholly

5. I love snow. I know it’s cold and really cold, but it is fun. So there.

6. I really dig The Vampire Weekend. I don’t know if that makes me cool or makes me lame because I like the mainstream indie band..

7. John Mark McMillan is wonderful. Check him out for free here at

8. My dad turns 50 tomorrow! More on this to come soon

9. I love the Olympics, and even though I haven’t seen any yet, I’m excited about some early American success. Bummed that Bode didn’t do better…but this is the year that we’ll shock the world: I’m calling a medal in Bobsled for the US!

10. Urban started his leave today. Enjoy, coach! And I say kick Gary Brown off the team if he really did hit someone at a party. UF can handle the loss of a big time player more than they can handle dungeon brooms dragging down the reputation. Florida haters, unite and pile on! I’ll stick by my team, so do your worst.

11. Bethany made me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day and they are wonderful

much love


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