What I learned in church

This past Sunday, the 21st, Randy talked through the relationship between Ananias and Paul laid out in Acts 9:1-19 and how Ananias responded to the call God gave him to disciple Paul and how Paul fulfilled that call.

It was a challenging and wonderful where we were challenged to take a hard look at our lives and ask the question ‘who does God want me to disciple and who does He want to disciple me?’ Ananias was asked to pour his life into Paul (a major component of discipleship), a guy who was on his way to arrest and kill believers – including Ananias. Ananias was also asked to tell Paul that the Lord had a message for him, and how all believers must be faithful to deliver God’s word to each other (Ananias was given a special message; we have His word). Randy asked if we were being bold enough to speak and teach and model God’s word to each other, even when the message wasn’t so palatable…

I have to admit, this was the toughest part for me… I love the Bible, and I love teaching through it, and I love challenging the guys I have the privilege of discipling by giving them Scripture to memorize. What I struggle with, however, is pulling back when I know some of my guys are acting in direct opposition to what God has commanded. I just don’t do it when I know – really KNOW – God is using me as a messenger of what He has spoken (again, just to be clear, I do NOT think God has some special message outside of His scripture that He gives through me), and often times that message isn’t so much fun to hear or deliver. And yet, I must be faithful to give the full counsel of God, even the tough stuff.

No one does this better than my main man, Jimmy Coates – he challenges me with Scripture memorization, great books by godly folks, areas of my own flesh where I struggle AND he lets me watch him live his life. He shows me how to love Jesus in real life – at home, as a husband, as a father, as a pastor, as a friend – and lives out the Word in all things. And, he is certainly willing and ready (with humility) to challenge me with what God is saying, even the tough stuff.

I have no questions to pose, but I encourage you to dive into what God is speaking through this relationship relayed in Acts 9 and see what God has to say in and to you.

much love



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