I hate abortion

I hate it. I think it’s a tragedy. I think it’s a shame that it’s turned into a form of birth control – an easy way out for a mistake made. And I hate it FOR the women who feel as if there’s no alternative…

I hate the lie that it should remain legal for women raped or because of consensual sexual acts between relatives (incest; also, a portion of that number is when a male relative rapes a female relative; that’s not incest, that’s rape) or in cases in which it might endanger the mother’s life… the number of these 3 combined has never been higher than 1% of the reasons behind an abortion. (Some articles to check out: this one from ’89 in NY Times, here’s one from a boring but effective research group from Oct ’08, and here’s another one – in .pdf form – from an independent research firm; page 4 has the actual breakdown). I think rape is horrible…I think it’s demeaning and low and that any many who rapes a woman should have his penis ripped off with a dirty pair of pliers (I don’t know the depths of grace and forgiveness of my Savior as I should..). And as much as abhor rape, I do not think it fair to punish the unborn child..

I hate that an increasing number of abortions are because genetic deformities are found during pregnancy…Apologies for the choice of words, but not for the meaning: that’s bull shit. I don’t even need to get on a soap box about eugenics (it’s real and it’s terrifying and needs to be addressed, but not in this simple post), but you cannot begin to convince me that because you find out your child may have a disability that he or she isn’t worth keeping. I did a quick search on ‘parents will to adopt children with disabilities’ and found these results; you will need to follow a few links to find parent testimonies, but there are loving people willing AND WAITING to adopt children with disabilities.. I know we have problems in the adoption agencies, but I’m telling you, I’ve heard literally thousands of success stories (still love this commercial and ministry from my Catholic brothers and sisters) about people who have been adopted, and zero from folks who have been aborted.

And here’s where I’ll finish: this is, in large part, my fault. My sin is no better than the sin that causes a young, scared, pregnant woman to go have an abortion. My lack of understanding and arrogant holiness blinds me to the plights of women who have ‘men’ in their lives who would so willingly enjoy themselves sexually with these women, and so easily abandon them at the first sign of responsibility. My lack of compassion and willingness to help drives these victims to make a decision where they feel they have no other option. And for that, I suck, and I apologize. I commit to being more compassionate and more ready to help. I also promise to one day, hopefully sooner than later, to adopt a child or children with my soon-to-be wife Bethany. I promise to continue to hate abortion and I promise to not shut up. Ever.

Forgive me where I did not make much of Jesus. I ask for no such forgiveness if you think me a pig-headed, right-winged, pro-lifer. I am not those things and I still hate abortion very much.

much love



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