I wrestle with being productive. I really want to be more productive. I want to have a really well laid-out to-do list, chock full of really great items that will surely change the world, and check those suckers off, even working extra hours to make sure it’s done well. I want to be the guy who makes everyone happy – impressed, even – by getting whatever they needed me to do done, thoroughly, professionally, and ahead of schedule.

But I am not that.

I’m really not even close.

I have a check list on a note card next to me. 3 of the 8 items are checked off (one of those 8 items is writing 2 posts on Wayneomite; so at the end of this post I will have 3 and 1/2 checks!). 2 of those items have been rolling over on check lists since before I had a fiance. 1 item is so embarrassingly late I feel like it is now mocking me.

So why not just get ‘er done? Wayne’s pat answer: ‘I’m just so busy doing ministry, I don’t have time for these busy-work items.’ (Enter celestial glow from the heavens). It IS true that I do a lot stuff that can’t be quantified by a check list, but it is also my greatest cop out.

Now, I’ll never truly be a check list guy like my pastor or my dad or Primetime, but I sure as heck owe it to the parents who trust me with their precious children to be responsible to update a website that they use for pertinent information. I owe it to the incredible people here at Trinity who hired me and trust me to be the best student pastor. I owe to my students to model for them a life of quality work, as well as doing the little things that need to be done SO THAT I can spend more time pouring into them. Mostly, though, I want to worship my great God, the one who called and appointed me and commanded me to ‘work at everything with all my heart, as if working for the Lord, not for men’ (Colossians 3:17 and 23).

Before I sound too self deprecating, I do believe – firmly – that God has called me to make disciples. This is not done in the office or via email and not off of a check list. It is done in relationships and through His Holy Sprit and Word; I hold to this tightly, knowing that his call on my life is to help students know Jesus more deeply, to live that in the context of their world, and to be there with them as they go through peaks and valleys. That will never change.

Much love



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