Live music

I love live music. A lot. The 5 best shows I’ve ever had the good pleasure of attending:
5) the Avett Brothers, last night (10/17/10), Charlottesville Pavillion. I’ve only recently begun my fandom of the Avetts, but they won me over for life. So much fun, intimacy despite a large outdoor pavillion, great mix of songs I knew and songs I will immediately download – I had a blast even when I didn’t know the words which is a good sign
4) mewithoutYou, 2005, Conerstone Festival, Illinois. The greatest live band ever. I had only heard 2-3 songs by this Philly outfit, but at the insistence of my buddy, Ian, we made sure to be around for this one (Cornerstone was a WONDERFUL experience all the way around). Most worshipful, eclectic, fun time I’ve ever had without knowing a single word
3) mewithoutYou, 2006, The Masquerade (Atlanta). I was prepared this time – and not disappointed in the least.
2) MuteMath, 2005, Cornerstone Festival, Illinois. You must see MM live. I’ve only seen them twice (hopefully again soon), but they were the most energetic, free-flowing live show. They only played 4 songs in their 45 min set and I wouldn’t have had it any other way
1A) Jon Foreman after show in Baltimore. First and only time I’ve my favorite all time song (Let That Be Enough) performed live.
1) Switchfoot, 2004, Cornerstone Festival, Orlando. My favorite band. The best bad ever. Seen them 14 times now. Can’t wait for 15 – this Orlando show was amazing. Played in a run down, hot-as-crap retired airplane hanger..unbelievable.




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