People I love to follow and read

My buddy Brez is wonderful. He’s a writer, review, theologian and great all-around

I met this super awesome guy John Saddington at Story and one of his sites is really really neat and helpful, and I’m not even very tech/web savvy

Speaking of Story, my friend Ben Arment is awesome for about a thousand reasons, including creating Story

Clayton King is WONDERFUL – fiery, passionate, deeply rooted in Scripture, fun.

Still the best movie reviewer out there, Mandy!

The best chance I have of being cool is if I am anything like the crew at Mockingbird NYC. Best mix of theology, culture, review, and how the crap do we live in this world and make a big deal of Jesus. I’d hug these guys twice if I had the chance.

Perry Noble = wild, Southern, on point

I wish I read more off of Seth Godin’s blog, but what I do catch is fun and challenging and helpful

Still the best, and if I only could read one blog: Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like. I laugh and think every time.



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