Learning to be a teammate, learning to be a leader

I have the most incredible team of leaders in my middle and high school ministries at Trinity – it’s come a long way since it was just me and the Hutchinsons starting back in the fall of ’07! Now we have Chris and Jenna, Kendall, Julie, Alisa, Lindsey, Katie, Jane some pretty gal named Bethany (my wife. I’m not that skeezy.), and several other wonderful volunteers who help out when they can – it’s INCREDIBLE! God has truly blessed us.

But here’s what I’ve learned: all that crap I’ve learned from leadership conferences and books and podcasts actually has to be used.. It’s mostly been theoretical with me – I LOVE learning from the Mt. Rushmore’s (Stanley and Chan and Miller and Groeschel and Lyons and and and) but it’s mostly been applied just for my students or, occasionally, parents and programming. But now…NOW I have people to lead. Oof.

Fortunately I have some wonderful mentors. Fortunately these leaders are patient. Fortunately my God is big enough to lead this youth group no matter how great I am at mapping out the next few months/years/series. Fortunately I/we have the Holy Spirit to lead us into all Truth. Fortunately I follow @tonymorganlive on Twitter. Fortunately those leadership books didn’t get too dusty yet.

Advice? Tips? Verses?



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