Paring back on being a sports nut

I’m 4 months into a little experiment of paring back on my sports fanaticism. I don’t know how it’s going so far, but I know:
– sports really, truly, are not that important
– my attitude is atrocious when one of my 4 favorite teams (Gators, Braves, Jackets, Falcons) lose
– sports mostly come on tv when my wife is off work and she’s a billion times more fun than sports
I know it’s easy to look at this year and think I’m doing this in a very down year for the 2 college teams, but I decided this in June when my Braves (who rival the Gators for my top sports team love) were killing it and running away with the East. I decided then I would no longer post anything – win or lose – about any of my teams on Facebook (I made one tiny deviation by putting simply ‘Gators’ on the first day of the season).

Here’s why I post this now: Florida-Georgia. I was born with my fist raised in disgust toward Athens. I can’t stand that horrible genetically altered dog, that embarrassing woofing by the fans – and those fans.. Sigh.

But it really comes down to this: what’s my identity? Is it as the Gator guy? The rabid spots fan? The trash talker in every sport?

Or, am willing to let Jesus redeem even this?

Before the arrogant Bible jerk music starts playing, I am not condemning sport as some terrible evil. I will always enjoy sports, cheer w my dad, watch my kids (youth group) at the middle and high school level, and hope my teams do well. But I want it to be under the banner and umbrella of my Lord. May He forgive me if ever my identity gets clouded by anything other than His glorious name.




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