Today’s blog post is about:

I’m at an early crossroads with my blogging resurgence.
– I’m not sure how much I want to blog
– I’m not sure how much I have to say
– I’m worried about my ego being stroked by promoting myself via blogging. I can get drunk on the attention of 2. It’s pathetic
– I wonder if I something unique to offer
– I so admire the discipline of my favorite bloggers (Jon Acuff, John Saddington, Carlos Whittaker) and how they passionately and diligently dispense godly wisdom and insight. Is it fair to even use those Big Three (there’s a bunch of other fantastic bloggers out there too! Those are just some of my personal favorites) as examples? And
– Do I have the discipline to consistently blog?
– I sometimes think maybe I could be a resource to other student pastors, but isn’t there enough out there for those of us in student ministry already?
– Do I pick 3/4 types of blog posts and stick to those same ones each week? Perry Noble (another great pastor/blogger) is doing something like this
– I have a great group of very bright and talented friends right around me, maybe I can be an outlet to help them get out there too? You people really need to know and hear my boys Randy Singer and Tommie Bozich. So great



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