New friends!

I got some really saweet swag from my new friends Agile Scout (blog, follow them on twitter). You should add them to your Blog roll and Twitter feed. Immediately.

Reasons why (I’m a student pastor, beteedubz):
– The posts are short (I have residual ADD from my kids)
– Connection to more stuff and blogs and people
– Really neat profiles of people practically doing ministry in unique ways (and people not doing ministry but are doing things that apply well to ministry)
– Agile makes a heckuva lot of sense for student ministry. Its a fast-paced, ever-changing world for my students, and therefore for me too
– Great resources (ways to blog better, ways to use social media more effectively, etc.)
– Peter Saddington emailed me back super quick. That’s neat and gets a thumbs up from me

Hey hey, high fives all around


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