The past two Sundays

Sunday, November 7th, I had the great pleasure of watching high school students cross over from death to life at Young Life’s annual Fall Weekend in Rockbridge. It never ceases to amaze me when the Holy Spirit awakens a dead soul – how refreshing a reminder of where I was and what I was saved from! May I never waver in my zeal to see life happen.

I have mentioned this before, but I love that I serve at a church that not only allows me to volunteer with Young Life, but encourages it. What a refreshing and beautiful kingdom snap shot to see two ministries for the same King! It was great being there at Fall Weekend, watching kids respond to the Gospel, and then immediately giving them an avenue (Trinity) to grow in that new Relationship.

This past Sunday, November 14th, I had another unique worship experience: waking up in the freezing cold woods of Shenandoah National Forest. That’s right: I went backpacking. AND, I didn’t even die!

One of my best buddies, Hutch, put together our weekend trek, along with my boy Ace and the young pup, Nolan. What an absolutely incredible trip. We hiked somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 miles, tackled Little Devils Staircase, ate delicious camp food (I was concerned for no reason), and generally dominated the whole dadgum AT. Some additional things I learned:
– God is a beautiful artist
– Doing great things like this with great friends makes it a billion times greater
– I did not realize the levels of soreness my calves could reach
– Dried apricots: thumbs up, oversized dried peaches: thumbs down
– Tommie Bozich has really great gear
– Pushy Cracker Barrel waitresses don’t take ‘no’ for an answer when in a Pecan Pie selling push..creepy
– Didn’t necessarily learn this, but I was reminded of my calling during a quiet moment of Scripture reading out of 1 Peter 5:1-4. So wonderful. Thank you, Jesus

Two weeks of unique Sunday morning worship experiences, both moving in their own way. How were yours?



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