Poking the hornets nest

I once got stung by a hornet. It sucked. SUPER sucked.

I think about that dang hornet as I barrel toward our Dude’s night coming up December 3rd. We’re going to spend the evening walking through God’s plan for being our satisfaction, specifically in the sexual realm. FUN! This will be a night studying Scripture that speaks to God’s desire to have our attention and trust, promising to be our Provider – and how we squander that splendor for trinkets like porn and masturbation.

I don’t know much about spiritual warfare, but I believe that the Bible is true and that when we’re in Christ, we are struggling against darkness, and that our enemy is an A-hole who prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (that’s Wayne’s loose translation of 1 Peter 5:8 and Ephesian 6:12). So, knowing and believing that, I already sense the hornets nest is starting to quiver with anger.

But it’s worth it. Because these boys lives are worth it. Because their future marriages are worth it. Because their future children’s view of their father and Father is worth it. Because our integrity is worth it. Because the Kingdom is worth it. Because Jesus is worth it.

I’d appreciate your input and prayers



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