What I learned in church

Trinity 9am Rolf C (I don’t want to misspell his last name; he’s HUGE)
Galatians 5:16-26
Live in the Spirit
– From a previous message:
– we are counted righteous;
– God looks on us as if we had never sinned;
-sanctification: Christ wants to meddle with us – we CAN be free from sin;
– He is forming His character and His nature in us; desires in our hearts that we can’t satisfy on our own;
– Jesus – I have come to set you free; Luke 4:8 – set captives free

Freedom can be found in only one place: Jesus Christ
Paul: 2 kinds of people – those who have confidence in their flesh and those who don’t
– if there is a battle within us this evidence that God is at work in our lives
– it is a miracle to not want to not want to sin
– He points out where we need to grow and then does the work
– the fruit of the Spirit is a GIFT
– I need to be loved the most when I deserve it the least – and thats what God does
– gentleness = humility
– how do I become that way?
– fruit comes when the branch is abiding in the vine; same with me
– I can choose to ignore His presence..why o why would I want to do that..?
– do I recognize that Christ’ presence is always around?
– the more I’m around a person the more I’m going to take on the character of that person; it should be the same with Christ
– am I growing in Christ? Really? I need to take a look at my life and see if the attitudes and behaviors I exhibit – are they more Christ-like?
– HOW WILL IT LOOK? His presence changes EVERYTHING. Fears and evil recoil at His presence
– if we’re going to see revival people need to see the TRANSFORMATION in my life
– see the LOVE FOR OTHER DISCIPLES – identifying quality as a disciple of Jesus

Additional little nuggets that were tasty but I can’t remember where they fell in the message..
– we are drunk on love because He chose to drink the cup of wrath
– He is faithful, even when we aren’t
– I turn to the sins of the flesh when I don’t trust Christ


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