The right blogs and the right Twitterererers

So when Twitter fired I up I jumped on it the same way I jumped on blogging: I followed EVERYBODY. I mean, if they had a blog, I was adding them to my favorites (this was pre-Google Reader days; I know, I know, I’ve tried to block that era out too) and read them like crazy for approximately a day and then just tell people ‘oh yea, I follow Robocop. He’s mad insightful. Especially on politics. He’s edgy, you know?’

This same thing happened with Twitter. I started following anyone I had ever heard of, as if the more I followed celebrities the cooler I was. Yikes.

But I’ve learned some things in my 30 years, and one recent discovery is less is more. I’ve cleaned out my Reader and unfollowed like crazy. And what have I found? Meaningful content! Articles that are actually worth reading and people who aren’t giving me snippets of their arrogant and lavish lives. It’s wonderful.

So who are my favorites? Right now my top 5, in no particular order:

@jonacuff – this guy is still my standard bearer. Funny and insightful and very practical in his way of explaining legitimately tough biblical truths. Must read every time he comes out with a post at SLC

@BenArment –  quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the whole wide world – wrote a really really great book (Church In the Making) and always has wise, creative and challenging things to say on his blog

@tylerstanton – newest member of the top 5. Freaking hilarious, challenging, best ‘top # list’ of anyone on the web, and seems like he would actually enjoy talking with just about anyone about just about anything (blog main page here, one of my favorite posts from anyone ever here)

@tentblogger – John Saddington is way smarter and cooler than I will ever be. That is why I so appreciate the multiple ways he allows me to access, understand and use what he is saying. Here’s his Tent Blogger site, but you should also definitely check out Church Crunch

@bobgoff – if I had to choose just one person to follow on Twitter, it would be, without question, Mr. Goff. The dude’s faith challenges me, his passion for making Jesus famous inspires me, and I can’t begin to thank him for his wisdom he dispenses in 140 characters or less. His blog isn’t updated much, but I don’t even care.



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