Apologies for the delayed update

Good news: they’ve gotten the headaches and other pains down to basically zero! This means: REST. Wonderful, glorious, rest. It’s not been perfect but it has been 2 billion infinitis better than no rest. That’s math.

So here’s what’s been going on and what’s coming:
– The most likely scenario from the intense headaches (Bethany described them as a 9.5 out of 10 on her pain scale; with apologies to Brian Regan, but Bethany has had an organ put into her body and said these headaches were the worst pain she’s ever felt) were caused by the IVIG treatments from last week. There is a very very very tiny chance that it is bacterial or viral meningitis so they are doing a battery of antibiotics and taking cultures to eliminate any chance of that (all of our doctors – including our infectious diseases doctor – have said that she doesn’t have bacterial or viral meningitis because there would be other accompanying symptoms that aren’t present BUT, because of Bethany’s immunosuppressed state, they have to be uber careful)
– We will be here until at least Monday as they let the antibiotics run their course and to make sure the symptoms (specifically the headaches) will stay away without the presence of IV drugs around the clock. Basically what this means is we are in the hands of our infectious disease doctors until they are 100% certain the headaches are not related to anything bacterial or viral
– once the infectious disease doctors give us all the clear we will (hopefully) go home for a few days; our kidney doctors can’t get a clear read on her kidney levels with all this stuff in her (including the IVIG still). We will go in for labs sometime in the next week or two to check those levels when they are comfortable to say it’s a clear test
– this will leave us some gap of time where we will still not know if Bethany’s body has stopped rejecting her kidney or not. Not knowing, as we’ve talked about on here and many of you have shared stories about the difficulties of waiting, is a booger
– whenever the doctors are comfortable getting a clear reading they will determine if we need to do further treatments, more of the same, something different (including some treatments they’ve done in the past but not this go ’round) or they will determine if the body has stopped rejecting the kidney and we high five everyone and throw a big party! Praying for that last one to be true

I am preaching at River Cross tomorrow (December 9th) at all three services and I’d love for you to come if that’s geographically feasible, and would love and appreciate your prayers if that’s not. My heart is heavy and I’m quite tired, but as I’ve been studying on the Advent, I’m more excited to preach the good news than ever. Thanks for your love and support


PS: yes, will be accepting meals whenever we get out of here; probably will have my mom as the organizer of that so we don’t get too many casseroles on the same night. 


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